After reading some excelent blogs from awesome c++/embedded developers (some of which I'll link down below), I decided to start my own blog to share my projects & write about things I like.

Introducing myself

I'm Robert Bezem, I study Technische Informatica it's a crossover between embedded software development and high performance development. I started this study a few years ago, before having any real programming experience. I had tinkered with development and electronics before, but never took the time to understand everything. When I was young I had a fascination with taking things apart and imagining how they'd work. I got a some handed down things like a nice old oscilloscope and some old sorting cabinet with lots of electronic components. Using these components and the oscilloscope I started to learn how to use them and how they work. That's how I got into electronics.

Around the same time, my father (also a software developer) bought a barcode scanner, and I thought it would be cool to index all my games (which were on cd at the time) into a catalog. I opened Access, ugh I know, and build my first application. Back then it was super awesome. If I'll look back at it now it is not that cool and good, but it sparked my interest and that's how I got into programming.

What I do now

Now onto my current situation. As mentioned before I'm a embedded software developer student. I love C++ and think it can do so much awesome things for the embedded world that C can't or at least not without a lot of macro's. Besides that I also love creating stuff. Things to automate my daily live. Make it awesome and easy. I'll show some examples below.


Currently I've got a few sideprojects that I'll write a blogpost about.

  • Building a audio streaming device for my radio.
  • Creating a light notification cube.
  • Automating my coffeemachine.

Besides that I've got some more things coming up. So look out for posts about them :)

Other blogs to read.

Now I'm not saying you should leave this awesome blog. But there are some other really nice blogs you should read :).